Suspended Propagation Flasks

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Unique Propagation vases suspended on iron rods in a classic wooden frame.

Available in 3 vase sets and sizes. With glass vases in the shape of heart vials or bulbs.

Propagating plants is simple and fun - anyone can do it!

  • Great for all ages and adds a beautiful touch to any room
  • almost all plants can be propagated
  • simply cut a few stems off and let them sit in clean water
  • unlike human cells, plant cells can divide on their own and grow
  • have fun and test out which plants work best
  • watch mother nature happen right in front of your eyes
  • great to teach children the importance of nature
  • it's amazing to see the roots grow and thrive

ThepotplantCo | succulent roots ready for water

We love these as a propagation setup, or for plants that live happily in water.

A great activity for indoors during these difficult Covid-19 times.

  • working with plants relieves stress
  • bring nature inside
  • helps purify indoor air (tip - NASA uses the Snake Plant)
  • beautifies any room

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