Steel Warcraft 3D Metal Puzzle


3D Puzzle Collector or just looking for a new hobby, want to challenge your mind, or need an indoor activity for you and your loved ones.

Steel Warcraft 3D Metal Puzzle – Cookie Noom

Steel Warcraft 3D Metal Puzzle is a perfect DIY experience for you. This project is an entertaining and intellectually stimulating classic pastime. Avid puzzles, collectors, and just about anyone who wants to keep their minds active, we have coll warcraft creatures collections for you!

Steel Warcraft 3D Metal Puzzle – Cookie Noom


  • DYI - Create absolutely stunning three-dimensional form puzzle that will need NO glue, just put it together with the screws. Follow the provided instructionc to assemble it, enjoy the process of building and creating. Don't rush, focus, and practice patience, because it is quite challenging. Absolutely a thrilling assembly project.
  • BRAIN-BOOSTING EXERCISE - 3D metal puzzle develops problem-solving and reasoning skills. It is beneficial for all-ages as it enhances creativity and critical thinking. The perfect combination of education and entertainment.

Steel Warcraft 3D Metal Puzzle – Cookie Noom

  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Made from high-precision laser cutting technology and high-quality Stainless-Steel material to secure excellent craft. The finished product looks high-class, with no burrs and the parts are perfectly cut.
  • GIFT IDEA OR COLLECTION HOBBY - Warcraft 3D puzzle is a perfect gift to say "I love your creativity". A very ideal present for special occasions or just to share with your family for a fun bonding activity. Additionally, it's a great option for collectible items. Classy decorations for living rom, bedroom, offices, etc.



  • Assembly Method: Screw link, no glue required
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: Varies according to design
  • Includes: Step-by-Step assembly instruction
  • Weight: 
  1. Dream Moose - 80g
  2. Big Dream Moose - 1500g
  3. Nine Tail Fox - 80g
  4. Bishui Jingjing Beas - 90g
  5. Griffon - 115g
  6. Flying Tiger - 125g
  7. Black Panther - 120g
  8. Tyrannosaurus Rex - 350g
  9. Fire Dragon - 350g
  10. Beetle - 260g
  11. Praying Mantis - 280g
  12. Spider King - 280g
  13. Scorpion - 450g
  14. Big Unicorn - 2000g
  15. Little Unicorn - 80g


  • 1 x Set of Steel Warcraft 3D Metal Puzzle

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