Seed & Plant Heat Pad Mat

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Best Heating Pad for Plants & Seeds

Seeds can only germinate when the temperature of the medium around them is in their preferred range. Certain plants that require a lot of warmth may need more warmth than your home can provide and cold nights can interrupt the process of sprouting which may lead to problems with germination. A Heat mat is used in this case.

Heating Mats are used to ensure a constant temperature for starting seedlings and rooting clones, resulting in higher germination rates and successfully rooted cuttings.

Seed & Plant Heat Pad Mat Benefits:

  • Applying warmth to the bottom of your propagation tray or dome will increase your success rates and will result in a healthy growing root system.
  • If you are late to start your seeds indoors you can shave a few days off your planting schedule.
  • Extend your sowing season.

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