Magnetic Suspension LED Floating Wheel Cap


Emblem remaining upright while driving all the time.
LED will glow at night while driving in speed over 20 MPH.
No batteries required for LED option as each one has its own kinetic generator built in. 
Waterproof、Anti-mud、Easy to clean、Self-charging
Basic anti-theft function

    These floating wheel center caps retains their correct orientation when the vehicle is stationary or moving at slow speed. The center caps automatically latches on the wheel to spin at the same speed when the vehicle moves at a higher speed. Vehicle badges no more upside down.

    7 Colors Led Car Logo Cup Lights up Holder

    • Model: Multiple models
    • Specifications: Multiple specifications
    • Material: ABS + transparent yoke
    • Technology: Magnetic Levitation
    • Principle: kinetic energy Illuminate
    • Speed: 20 yards can shine

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