Elettra - 4 Wheeled Portable Metal Framed Coffee Table

  • The amazing Elettra - 4 wheeled portable metal framed coffee table, has been designed to make your life easier.
  • The multi-functional table fits anywhere and is ideal for holding your mug, plate, bowl, glass or bottle.
  • Makes meal super convenient.
  •  Perfect as an extra home office workstation also.
  • Easy to use.compact portable table for any activity.
  • Close comfort, just pull table close to you, whether in bed or in sofa.
  • Made from premium metal and P2 compliant chipboard material.
  • Featuring a rectangle shape and rollers.
  • Ready-to-assemble furniture.
  • Dust with a dry cloth.
  • Measures approximately: 20" x 14" x 24"
  • Available color: rustic brown board and black frame
  • Net Weight: 10.16 lbs 
  • Package Weight:  11.79 lbs
  • Free Worldwide Shipping & 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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