BlueZoo - Painless Hair Removal Wax

  • These hard wax beans are excellent at removing strong and fine hairs.
  • Contain cocoa butter which is fantastic for dry skin.
  • Suitable for hair removal on all parts of your body
  • Wax beans have been developed for all skin types.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping + 100% Money-Back Guarantee


  1. Place the wax beans in the wax heater
  2. Wash your skin, dry well, and check the direction of hair growth
  3. Test the temperature of the wax
  4. Apply a thin layer of wax along the direction of hair growth
  5. After about 20 seconds, use the wax stick to begin at the end of the wax
  6. Quickly pull up wax at the same time, in the direction of hair growth

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