Multi-Functional Effervescent Cleaner Tablets


These Multi-Functional Effervescent Cleaner Tablets are a powerful integrated cleaning agent. It is not only suitable for clothing stains, but also has strong decontamination effect on kitchen range hood stains, toilet floor stains, wood polish, etc. This 1  tablet cleaner contains no chemical bleach so it can be safely used for pet stains without harming pets.


  • KEEP FRESH: keep your clothes fresh for a long time and prevent bacteria from breeding
  • EFFECTIVENESS: instantly in contact with water, aerobic laundry, low foaming and easy to rinse
  • HARMLESS: contains no fluorescent agents and does not cause damage to clothing and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: the use of biological enzymes to decompose stains to achieve a clean effect, more environmentally friendly, and more non-toxic.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: replace your general cleaner, kitchen cleaner, fabric cleaner, tile cleaner & carpet cleaner with one all-in-one cleaner.


  • Ratio: Use 1 tablet to 4L of water
  • Pack Size: 10 tablets per pack
  • Size: 1.6cm/0.787''.
  • Cleaner Color: White
  • Material Type: lavender concentrate.

Powerful Multi Functional Effervescent Cleaning Tablets

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