Pelvic Floor Muscle Inner Thigh & Buttocks Trainer

  • If you're looking for an extra squeeze to build muscle and strength to your buttocks, inner thighs, and pelvic floor muscle this at home workout equipment trainer piece is perfect for you!
  • A fun and easy way to train, regain confidence and control.
  • Doubles as ideal for helping with bladder control and recovery after childbirth.
  • Made from high-quality iron & plastic.
  • Recommended to use three times a week for 3 - 5 minutes each time - technique is everything!
  • Free Worldwide Shipping & 100% Money-Back Guarantee

How to Use


  1. Begin either laying down or standing up, however you are more comfortable.
  2. Place the Pelvic Floor Muscle Inner Thigh & Buttocks Trainer underneath your buttocks.
  3. Extend your arms.
  4. Open your legs 40 degrees then apply pressure and squeeze to close.

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