RC Robot Toy with Remote Control



  • INTERACTIVE ROBOT: Amazing NEW educational RC robot, which helps kids to learn beginning sciences and build their habits. It brings more fun to you with singing, dancing, walking, sliding, and interacting. It is nice to play with toys robotic kits with kids.
  • INTELLECTUAL PROGRAMMING: The robot can be programmed to carry out movements as you create?it can move in all directions, forward, backward, turn left, turn right, walk forward, slide forward.
  • TWO MOVEMENT TYPES: Walking and Sliding Mode for going forward / backward, turning left / right at the command of the user. Robot's flexible arms will make different action postures like what kids want.
  • PATROL AND OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE: The Robot will move forward and go on patrol along with the music. Once detecting obstacles in the way, it will deliver messages as reminders and then move backward and turn left or right on occasions to avoid obstacles.
  • AMAZING LED EYES: The X-man robot's colorful LED eyes of the combination of sound makes a more interactive playtime. It is very suitable as a birthday present, Christmas gifts, Halloween gifts to family and friends.

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