Glowing Pen with Crystal Glass Kit + Inks

Our kit sets come in various shapes and sizes. Paired with colorful inks - our sets change the way you think about art.

The perfect glass dip set for enhancing your creativity!

Crystal Unicorn Glass Dip Calligraphy Pen and Ink Gift Box Set

Eliminate the need for messy & expensive art supplies

  • Easy to clean - eliminate messy paint + extra art supplies
  • Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand
  • Multiple Ink sets included in the kit - once you're finished, place everything back in the kit for future use! 


    • Glowing Pen offers the ability to create art without the hassle. Eliminate the need for messy art supplies and replace them with the Glowing Pen kit!
    • Whether you are looking to draw, doodle, or create art, the Glowing Pen can do it all! 
    • A perfect novelty for artists, calligraphers, kids, designers, and more! Change the way you think of art today!       

    Packaging includes:

     1x Glowing Pen 5x Ink Sets (Random Colors)
    1x Glowing Pen 12x Ink Sets (Random Colors)

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