Mia - Antique LED Brass Pendant Light


Mia - Antique LED Brass Pendant Light is an 

Evoke classic elegance with clean design of this brass pendant light.

  • Come in a warm brass finish that imparts a rich, luxurious touch
  • Balanced atop the frame, delivering a sleek and elegant look
  • Perfect for your living room and kitchen


  • Fixture finish: Premium brass, white linen, Eco-friendly LED lights and Mount
  • Options in 4 patterns: 10 heads/ 8 heads/ 6 heads/ 5 heads
  • LED Bulbs Included
  • Emitting lighting color: Warm
  • Voltage: 110-240V
10 Heads  Diameter 106CM/H55CM
8 Heads  Diameter 85CM/H53CM
6 Heads  Diameter 74CM/H53CM
5 Heads  Diameter 61CM/H51CM

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