Scarf Bandana



This neck strap can not only protect the neck perfectly, but also can be positioned on a part of the face to protect the chin and nose. In summer, this is an indispensable accessory that protects against the sun and UV rays

Scarf Bandana can be used as a headband, sports headband, hair band, face mask, mask, neckerchief, pirate scarf, blindfold, bandana, bracelet, cap, balaclava, neck warmer, headscarf, hair band, hair knots, mouth guard, desert scarf, ski mask, balaclava, scarf, etc.

50cm long × 25cm wide elastic seamless headscarf, suitable for men, women and children. Thanks to its retractable strap, the neutral cloth can be comfortably attached to each head.


100 % polyester Microfiber Seamless Fabric
Size: 25-50 cm
Fits to all

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