Jolie - Decorative Iron Frame Ceramic Flower Plant Pot

  • The Jolie - Decorative Iron Frame Ceramic Flower Plant Pot, is a marvelous statement piece for your home. 
  • The planter is not only beautiful but amazingly functional as well.
  • The plant will look good inside your modern home and outside on your patio as well.
  • Ideal for placing your favorite succulents, herbs, floral arrangements, etc.
  • Place the plant pot in the iron frame to make your plant or flower stand out.
  • Makes a lovely decoration gift for your family and friends.
  • Made from high quality porcelain ceramic and metal.
  • Sold individually.
  • Measures approximately: Iron Frame Length 3" x Width 3" x Diameter 2", Plant Pot  Length 5" x Width 5" x Diameter 3"
  • Available color: Green, Orange, Brown, Red, Yellow, White, Black, Silver
  • Weight: Iron frame 0.300 g, Plant Pot 0.500 g.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping & 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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