Cat Laser Toy


As part of being a cat owner, you definitely know the dreadful feeling of coming home to a corner of your sofa HEAVILY scratched up from a bored cat or kitten! You also know the feeling of throwing away a damaged couch pillow, or having to look at the constantly scratched up corner of the wall your cat favors day after day.

Our Invigorating Cat Laser Toy is not just another laser pointer, it is a one button touch solution for your cat’s boredom scratching and proper daily exercise needed.

This unique product is the time & money saving solution we have all been waiting for. It’s time to stop the need to constantly purchase new toys and objects to keep your cat entertained.

It’s time to say goodbye to those permanently damaged wall corners and couches from cat scratching with a real automated solution.


Save Your Hard Earned Money – As a cat owner every single year you open up your wallet to pay for replacement items your cat has damaged, whether it be a more expensive item like that leather office chair or something as small as a wool sweater you left on the floor there is no denying the expenses add up. Your cat doesn’t do this because they hate you, they do it because they are bored out of their mind! Our Invigorating Cat Laser Toy will keep their eyes on the laser and their claws off the furniture.

Healthy Exercise for your Cat
 – Indoor cats can often be very lazy, some more than others. One day you might be finding your self with an obese cat! This laser toy keeps your cat on the move every single day and will promote a healthier lifestyle for them in a fun way you both can enjoy.

Save Time, Sit Back & Relax
 – We all love playing with our cats, but sometimes after a long day you just don’t have it in you to put the effort into entertaining them. Our Invigorating Cat Laser Toy allows you to set an automated laser sequence that lasts up to 15 minutes, which means you can set it and watch your cat have a blast while you relax in your living room.

Unlimited Fun, Even When Your Not Home
 – With this cat toy you have the ability to set it up to come on throughout the day automatically. The automated laser system is designed to cycle on for 15 minutes every three hours, which means your cat will continue to be entertained even while your out of the house.

Handheld Mode, For When Your Ready To Play
 – In addition to the automated features of our cat laser toy we also added an optional handheld mode for when you would like to play with the cat. We understand sometimes you will be in the mood to play with your cat and control the path of the laser, the best of both worlds is attainable with this product!

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