Critter Catcher - Humane Insect Grabbing Stick

  • Scared of spiders and other insects in your home? Fear no more, with the Critter Catcher! The humane insect grabbing stick makes picking up those unwanted house guests easy and helps avoid harming the insects!
  • Made from premium ABS material.
  • Non-toxic and environmental friendly.
  • High quality and durable!
  • Fine workmanship and rust proof!
  • Safe and convenient to use!
  • Protects hand from scratches or bites.
  • Features gentle bristles to prevent harming the insects.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry!
  • Features an ergonomic design!
  • Measures approximately 25" x 5" x 2"
  • Free Worldwide Shipping & 100% Money-Back Guarantee

How To Use:

  • Aim the bristles at the target insect and press the trigger.
  • Place the bristles on the insect and release the trigger.
  • Take the captured bug outside and release it by pressing the handle.

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